Senior Rep Model Portrait Session – Whitney

I’d like you to meet Whitney – I am honored and pleased to have her as my first ever Senior Rep. Besides being a beauty, she is fun to photograph. She tends to be goofy when the camera isn’t pointed at her, but a little shy when she realizes that I am shooting her.

Whitney will be a senior this year and plays softball, which she is eager to return to after a recent surgery on her arm.  She loves the beach, old trucks, country music and hanging out with her friends.

We decided that she should come to my house for the session since she would have ample space for wardrobe changes and makeup and hair touch ups.  It was hot and I mean HOT that day, so we did each session section in short spurts as we were all sweating!  Our first segment was on a pier in a pond in my neighbors’ yard (it’s great to have good neighbors).   I thought it would be a perfect setting for her formal wear.  I was hoping for overcast skies, but that wasn’t to be.  We got some beautiful shots anyway.

After a cooling off session we decided to head to the ball park.  We didn’t stay long!  The heat was oppressing and the sun still shining, but Whitney was a trooper about it.  It was I who made the decision to pack it up and go get a hamburger and a frozen drink!

Back to the house for another wardrobe change and to wait out the sun.  We had to wait until mid afternoon for the sun to go behind the clouds to get the old truck shots, but we were finally rewarded (off and on) as the sun played hide and seek with us.

The sun, the fun and the heat finally got to my model as you can see.  Actually, this photo was taken for her mother, who remarked that she always thought Whitney looked so sweet sleeping.  I have to agree.

All in all, it was a great session.  I had a lot of fun and I think Whitney and her mother and grandmother did too.  Disclaimer:  No, I do not always take this much time photographing a session – if I did I’d have to charge an outrageous amount of money, but Whitney’s grandmother happens to be my aunt, and her mother my first cousin, so we intermingled a day of socialization with Whitney’s session.  It was long overdue.

10 thoughts on “Senior Rep Model Portrait Session – Whitney

  1. Beautiful photographs you captured dear Joylene and she is so beautiful too. I loved the compositions, especially with the old truck. Thank you, love, nia

  2. Even though Whitney is my BEAUTIFUL DAUGHTER and Joy my WONDERFUL cousin I think these pictures are beautiful… You did an absolute wonderful job and I can’t wait to see the rest… It was VERY HOT that day but we all had a great time anyway!!!

    • Thanks Kelly! I am glad you like the photos! Tell Whitney to give you the address and password for her gallery. I had a blast that day and was glad to be able to spend some time with you – we never do that anymore!

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